Media Release: GOP candidate tries to distract voters by misrepresenting AG duties

LEXINGTON – The Republican candidate for Attorney General this weekend once again proved he is unqualified for the office and gave Kentuckians yet another reason to vote for incumbent Attorney General Jack Conway.

During Saturday’s airing of WKYT’s Kentucky Newsmakers, Todd P’Pool attempted to distract viewers from the fact that he’s accepted at least $20,000 to-date in campaign donations from for-profit colleges that are under investigation by the Attorney General’s office, that he’s attended fundraisers hosted by the schools under investigation and that he is refusing to return the tainted money that the for-profit colleges are donating in an attempt to buy their way out of investigations.

P’Pool erroneously claimed that the Attorney General had served on the Board of Proprietary Education, the board that oversees for-profit colleges.

Attorney General Conway has never been appointed to that board and a position on the board has never been a duty of the Attorney General – something a candidate running for the office should have known.

P’Pool’s statement was so utterly false that it prompted Newsmakers host Bill Bryant to issue a correction live on WKYT’s noon news program Monday, saying “…Conway never even served on the board… an attorney in his office worked for the board for a time but the AG dropped the board when Conway’s investigation of the schools started.”

The Office of the Attorney General is required by law to provide a merit attorney to represent the board for an hourly rate. The attorney represents the board independent of the Office of the Attorney General. Minutes from board meetings show that the board ignored the advice of counsel several times over the years, and the Office of the Attorney General fired the board as a client shortly before it launched its investigation into questionable marketing and recruiting practices by some for-profit colleges.

“Our opponent put forth a gross misrepresentation of the duties of the Attorney General either out of ignorance or malice – neither of which should set well with the voters of our Commonwealth. For the past four years, Jack Conway has worked to make Kentucky a safer place for Kentucky’s families, including his work to protect consumers from predatory practices of some for-profit colleges. Meanwhile, our opponent continues to profit from for-profit colleges that are under investigation by the Attorney General’s office because they realize our opponent is for sale to the highest bidder,” said Conway spokesperson Allison Haley.

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