Tackling Internet Crime

As Attorney General, Jack Conway has followed through on his commitment to vigorously prosecute child predators and crack down on Internet crimes. Since creating the Cybercrimes Unit in 2008 and leading the passage of House Bill 315 – which updated Kentucky’s laws in order to fight Internet crime  – the Office of Attorney General (OAG) has seized more than 200,000 child pornographic images off the Internet, made 33 arrests, processed 2,688 hard drives, launched 188 investigations, and conducted more than 100 Internet safety programs across Kentucky. Jack is also a member of the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) task force that is working with MySpace and Facebook to create parental safety controls, sweep sex offenders off the sites and develop age-verification software.

Protecting Our Families

As Attorney General, Jack Conway has kept his commitment to protect Kentuckians. Since being elected the office of OAG has charged 55 individuals with elder abuse and neglect (more than any previous Attorney General), conducted 48 Senior Crime Colleges, stopped Topix’s $19.99 fee for removing abusive or inappropriate posts, and launched a national effort to investigate the business practices of for-profit colleges.

Cracking Down on Drugs

As Attorney General, Jack Conway has kept his pledge to help fight illegal drugs in Kentucky communities. He received the “Soaring Eagle” award from Operation Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education (UNITE) for his efforts to fight prescription drug abuse. The Office of the Attorney General also received UNITE’s “Most Valuable Agency” award for its participation in joint investigations. In August of 2009, Conway announced the formation of Kentucky’s first statewide prescription drug task force. Attorney General Conway’s office participated in the largest drug bust in Kentucky history.  Jack has traveled across Kentucky educating middle and high school students about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.  And he’s worked with Florida’s Attorney General to ensure the state adopted an electronic monitoring program to stop the flood of prescription pills coming into Kentucky.

Taking on Special Interests

As Attorney General, Jack Conway, despite 30 percent budget cuts, has saved taxpayers almost $400 million by recovering $175 million for the Kentucky Medicaid Program – an increase of 600% -  and intervening to halt $250 million in proposed utility rate increases. Jack has fined oil companies who’ve gouged taxpayers at the pump, he’s taken on big banks who’ve fudged foreclosure paperwork and he’s fought for thousands of Kentucky consumers who’ve been scammed by disreputable businesses or con artists.

Helping Students

Jack Conway launched an investigation into for-profit colleges operating in Kentucky that prey on vulnerable students that are defrauded into loan agreements and made promises that turned out not to be true.  He is also leading a group of Attorneys General from across the country to conduct a national investigation of for-profit colleges. Attorney General Conway successfully asked a U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee to forgive more than $4.5 million of student debt.   Attorney General Conway also investigated the for-profit American Justice School of Law, which resulted in students being awarded $3.6 million in loan reductions.

Tackling Mortgage Fraud

Attorney General Jack Conway and attorneys general from 48 other states formed a multistate group to inquire whether or not individual mortgage servicers improperly submitted affidavits or other documents in support of home foreclosure actions filed in state court.  Attorney General Conway and other attorneys general are investigating a process known as “robo-signing,” which may constitute an unfair practice and violation of state laws when mortgage documents are signed outside the presence of a notary and without confirming their accuracy.

Fighting Medicaid Fraud

Since Attorney General Conway took office in January 2008, the Office of Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Control has recovered or been awarded over $175 million in Medicaid recoveries.  This is a 600% increase in recoveries from prior years.  The Office led an investigation into AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan resulting in the managed-care organization paying damages totaling $2 million to the Medicaid program.  It has also increased the number of abuse and neglect prosecutions charging 21 individuals or entities in 2010 bringing the total to 55 since Attorney General Conway took office.

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